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We understand that an expense is a big decision. So, we offer our mobile patrol services at a discounted rate. By splitting the cost among multiple business in a small area, we are able to provide safety and security to multiple businesses in our marked vehicles. This is perfect for apartment complexes, strip malls, auto dealerships, warehouses and anyone needed random patrols. 


Armed Security Officers are assigned solely to your property. They cannot be called away, and are responsible only for your safety and security. All of our officers are trained, and licensed by Texas DPS, 

Personal Protection Officer

This Officer is highly versed in both risk assessment and reduction. Their purpose is to take complete responsibility for your personal safety, and to devise methods that minimize your risk factors.

Private Investigator

Our professional and experiences investigators will uncover the truth to the questions that keep you awake at night. They will dig until you are given the peace of mind you need

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