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 “To provide excellence in S.E.C.U.R.I.T.Y., give peace of mind, and safety to our clients, their customers and the community in which we serve.”


Safety – Priority one, keeping our employees, clients and community safe

Exceed – Always exceed expectations

Commitment – To providing the highest level of service

Uniform – Continuity, and consistency in all aspects of our services 

Respect – For yourself, the clients, the company and the community at all times

Integrity- Do the right thing, no matter the circumstances

Training- Maintain required training and beyond


Duane Clark-Owner/CEO

Duane is a native of Pennsylvania, growing up in a garage building mopar vehicles. He enlisted in the United States Army where he proudly served until his retirement, eventually settling in Texas. As a resident of Huntsville, TX for 25+ years, Duane has worked for TDCJ and Walmart while simultaneously building 25 years of experience in the private security industry. It was finally time for him to open his own company. As Duane puts it "I love what i do, and i just wanted to help my community. This is the best way I knew how".


Mike Heap Jr-Security Operations Manager

Raised in Upstate New York by a farm family, Mike enlisted in the United States Army following High School as an Intelligence Analyst. Following his time in the Army he eventually found his way to the great state of Texas, or as he puts it "i wasn't born here, but i got here as quick as I could!" Since moving to Texas Mike has worked for TDCJ as an officer, Training instructor, and death row Sergeant. He then moved on to being a Lieutenant and Captain for a USMS and ICE detention facility. When Mike met Duane he know there was an amazing opportunnity, and came on board to help grow Duane's company. He resides with his two children in Conroe, TX

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